What Is a Construction Superintendent?


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A construction superintendent acts as the supervising manager of a construction site, overseeing the daily operations and scheduling of workers to ensure compliance with building schedules and labor requirements. The role may include making reports to the owners of the building or construction company, contacting individual workers to ensure the site has appropriate staffing and reviewing time frames and costs to adhere to various plans.

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The majority of the work a construction superintendent performs takes place at the job site, as he is responsible for ensuring the smooth and timely completion of the project. The job typically involves overseeing the site once construction begins, rather than finding and hiring the appropriate workforce to handle the operation. Responsibilities focus on the daily implementation of plans from architects, project managers and investors, meaning that the construction superintendent must inform the work crew about new developments in the construction requirements and aid in repositioning workers and resources accordingly.

The superintendent also helps resolve any disputes that take place among workers, which may include issuing reprimands or demotions as appropriate. The job may also require contacting employees that fail to show up on site or finding replacement and temporary workers, depending on the available budget and needs of the client. Another responsibility of the superintendent is to make sure that the entire project does not exceed any other budgetary restrictions, including checking the costs of materials and labor and negotiating the necessary contracts to do so.

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