What Does a Construction Manager Do?


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Construction managers plan, budget, coordinate and supervise construction projects from start to completion. They also interpret agreements, explain technical data to other professionals and report work progress to clients.

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What Does a Construction Manager Do?
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Construction managers are also known as project managers or general contractors. They commonly prepare cost estimates and work timetables. They use advanced planning software and other tools to maximize productivity and ensure that projects are completed within budget and on time.

Construction managers collaborate with engineers, architects and other construction professionals. They also choose subcontractors, such as painters, landscapers and carpenters, and coordinate their activities. When necessary, they resolve work delays and other problems as well.

Construction managers coordinate a wide range of projects, including the construction of public, residential and commercial structures, and roads, bridges and memorials. They supervise specialized contractors and other construction specialists, and schedule all construction steps. They also ensure compliance with regulations, safety codes and legal procedures and make certain that the completed project meets all specifications.

Some construction managers consult with local government officials and lawyers. For instance, construction managers who work on city-owned property might interact with city inspectors to make sure that they have met all regulations.

Top-level construction managers also may hire additional construction managers if a project is too large for one person to manage. Each manager handles a specific phase of the project, and the top-level manager coordinates their activities.

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