What Does a Construction Foreman Do?

A construction foreman supervises various construction craftsmen on the job site and schedules completion of different aspects of a job. A construction foreman is responsible for ensuring that projects are completed on time and on budget.

A construction foreman is responsible for all aspects of the job that he is supervising. The foreman must inspect work to verify its quality. He must also know relevant building codes to ensure that all work completed meets or exceeds requirements. The foreman must supervise employees to ensure that construction crews begin work when they are needed and avoid overtime when appropriate. The safety and security of the job site is also the responsibility of the foreman.

Not all of the work completed by the foreman is performed at the job site; he must also complete different kinds of office work. He is responsible for scheduling the order in which work is to be completed. Each foreman should also be able to identify areas of a project that are at risk of falling behind schedule and taking corrective action to make sure that the project meets its deadline. In some situations, the foreman is tasked with ordering supplies for the job site as well. Site foremen often report to a construction engineer, architect or project manager.