How Do You Construct a Budget Form or Spreadsheet?


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Construct a personal or business budget form within a spreadsheet program by creating a blank document and designating cells for each month within a time period along with areas for monthly income and expenses. Each month deduct the expenses from the income to find the net operating costs.

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The basic elements of a budget consist of periodic tracking of money going into and out of an account, either a personal or business account. By calculating the total cost of living or operating for the month and comparing it to the available income within the same period, it is possible to view long-term financial projections and identify the need to increase earnings or decrease spending. To begin, open a new document in a spreadsheet program and enter the months for approximately one year in the first row of cells, starting with the second column.

In the first column of cells, starting with the second row, enter the names of all available income sources and the amounts for the first month. Skip two lines and enter the names all the monthly expenses, such as bills or rent, along with the expenses for the first month. Total each amount separately to find out the monthly income and expenses. Immediately below the income row deduct that month's expenses from the total income to find the remaining balance after expenses. Depending on the amount, begin adjusting finances accordingly.

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