What Constitutes a Person's Strengths and Weaknesses?


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When asked about strengths and weaknesses during a job interview, it is important to list things like hard working, team player and self-confidence while weaknesses may include nervousness around people or lacking skills necessary for the job. During this phase of the interview, always be honest and forthcoming with the answers.

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When a prospective employer asks this question, he or she is looking for honest answers, given without bragging or boasting. Everyone has special traits that make them right for a job and other traits that may make the job difficult to perform.

Positive traits include learning agility, or the ability to learn new tasks quickly. Sometimes, being able to learn a job quickly is more important than past experience. Employers want people who are self-motivated and take initiative without being told, but applicants also need to be able to work as part of a team. Applicants should have the drive necessary to want to succeed and perhaps, even move up within the company at some point.

Weaknesses won't necessarily disqualify an applicant from consideration. As with strengths, everyone has weaknesses and it is better for an employer to find a person's weaknesses during the interview, rather than after that person is hired. The applicant should let the interviewer know what his weaknesses are, and how he is working to overcome them.

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