What Constitutes a Letter of Employee Transfer?

A letter of employee transfer constitutes the name of the person being transferred, the name of the new supervisor, the effective transfer date, and the department to which the person is being transferred. A transfer letter is brief and short. It does not need to be very detailed, because it serves as an internal official letter.

An employee who is being transferred to another department or branch is usually given a transfer letter. It contains basic information and is typically written in a memo format. It indicates the exact date that it has been issued as well as the date when the employee is expected to join the other department or branch. Any benefits and perks accompanied by the transfer are also reflected in the letter as well as the reasons for the transfer. A letter of employee transfer is presented in advance so the employee can make any necessary arrangements and preparations.

A transfer letter also fulfills an administration function as it notes the transfer in the employee’s record file, and allows for the adjustment of the head count of the employee’s former and future departments so that the person being transferred continues to receives a salary and relative benefits. The transfer can be the organization’s decision or a mutually agreed decision between the employee and company.