Is It Considered Offensive to Ask to See an Inspector's Certification?


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While the manner in which the certification is requested may impact how the query is received, a polite request to see an inspector's certification or to otherwise access his credentials should not be considered offensive. While the qualifying conditions to become an inspector vary by industry, the common core is a level of proven expertise and experience. This is displayed in the form of exams, practical tests or years of relevant work experience, depending on the profession in question.

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Inspectors are highly qualified individuals within all professions, and most of them are proud to display their credentials. Many independent inspectors publish their qualification details and professional registrations as part of their websites or other advertising to assure potential clients of their suitability.

Due diligence requires that any business make sure that it hires the right people for any job, and one way to assure this is by making sure that a chosen inspector has the correct qualifications required by the industry. This is particularly important where the inspector is handling matters of quality or safety. It is therefore not offensive for a business to request a copy of an inspector's credentials, either in the form of certificates or a link to an online register, depending on the type of qualification in question. By keeping a copy on file, the business can prove that due diligence was completed if there are any issues with the inspector's work or conclusions.

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