What Is Considered a High Credit Score?


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Consumers with excellent credit rating have credit scores from 781 to 850, notes Credit.com. Good credit scores range from 661 to 780, while fair ratings are from 601 to 660. Poor credit is from 501 to 600 while a bad credit score is below 500.

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Lenders vary widely by what they consider a good credit score, notes Credit.com. For example, some lenders may approve people for loans who have scores of 680 or more, while others may only approve borrowers with scores of 750 or more. Some may also charge more interest for borrowers with lower credit ratings.

There are several types of scoring methods for credit, including the most common, FICO, notes Credit.com. FICO scores are from 300 to 850. VantageScores 3.0 use the same scale, while VantageScore versions 1.0 and 2.0 feature rankings from 501 to 900. The PLUS score runs on a scale from 330 to 830, while TransRisk scores range from 100 to 900 and Equifax ranges from 280 to 850.

Credit scoring bureaus base credit scores on several factors, states Credit.com. These include payment history, age of credit accounts and debt levels, among others. A good credit score gives consumers more access to credit, mortgage loans and other loan products.

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