What Are the Considerations in Writing a Job Description?


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Considerations in writing a job description include how to attract the right candidates for the job, clearly explain the job and accompanying responsibilities, and serve as a standard on which to measure employee performance. Conciseness and specificity are two key stylistic elements, as well.

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Among the basic components of a good written job description are job title, a summary explanation of the job and its main objectives, descriptions of basic job functions, identification of the place of the job in relation to other positions in the company or organization, and a list of duties. The writer should construct the job description in such a way as to show the priorities of different tasks and should also connect the job with the needs of the present day.

Job descriptions are best written in direct second person for conciseness as this eliminates the need to always put a subject in the sentence. The writer should also use unbiased terminology, such as staying gender neutral.

Though conciseness is a goal, specificity is also key. For example, instead of merely saying that the candidate needs to possess good communication skills, the job description should identify exactly what type of communication skills are needed. For example, translating technical information into the language of everyday audiences may be one facet of communication skills.

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