What Are the Considerations in Leasing a Hunting Land?


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When dealing with hunting leases, landowners need to consider liability and potential damages above all else. Hunters looking to lease land should consider access, convenience and the amount and quality of wildlife on the land.

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Leasing land to hunters can be a good business decision, but landowners need to make sure they have a good contract in place that clearly spells out their responsibilities as well as those of the hunter. Landowners should also contact their insurance company to make sure they are covered if a hunter is injured on their property. They need to consider whether they might need to access the land during hunting season. Landowners with unused properties are usually fine, but landowners who use their property for weekend getaways or occasional livestock grazing may need a more detailed contract to maintain their access.

Hunters should look for land that offers a better experience than that of public land. They should make sure the landowner is only leasing to them or an appropriately limited number of hunters, and that the landowner does not plan to use the land and risk disrupting their hunt. They should check out wildlife patterns on the property to make sure their quarry uses it. They should also clearly discuss all activities and any modifications they plan to make, such as building a blind. This makes sure everyone is in agreement and they are not going to be held responsible for any damages.

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