What Are the Consequences of Lying When Answering Job Interview Questions?


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The consequences of lying when answering job interview questions include destroying the chances of being employed by the interviewer, losing a job offer, being fired from the job, and struggling to excel at the job acquired. Lying during a job interview may damage the chances of getting hired by other employers since recruiters usually network with peers in their industry.

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If a job candidate lacks familiarity with some aspects of his listed experience, fails to sound credible, or raises doubt in the minds of interviewers, he risks failing the interview. Since interviewers can verify the salary information given by candidates, they can pull back an offer already made if they discover the candidate lied about his earning history. A candidate who lies in his job interview may not be able to sue his employer in the future, even if his employer violated his legal rights.

Job interviewers can find out about candidates' employment history and the reasons for leaving past jobs from the references they provide. Discrepancies in the information provided by the references and the candidate can undermine the chances of getting hired. If a lying candidate is not caught during the interview, he may lack the qualifications necessary to perform the acquired job. Consequently, he may struggle to perform the job and get fired.

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