What Are the Consequences of a Bad Medical Board Review?

Consequences of a bad medical board review for a physician include a warning, fine, and suspension or revocation of the provider's medical license, notes Real Simple. When disciplining a physician after a review, medical boards have many alternatives available ranging from mild to severe sanctions for violations, claims Perlmutter Medical Law. Options include requiring the completion of a specified program, issuing a letter of reprimand or a decree of censure, and rehabilitation.

Severe consequences of a negative medical board review include board decision to revoke the physician's license permanently, suspend the license temporarily, request the physician surrender his license and restrict the license for a probationary period, explains Public Citizen.

If a criminal activity possibly occurred in relation to the complaint, the medical board refers the case to the local law enforcement agency, Perlmutter Medical Law. The medical board has the authority to impose a civil financial penalty. The board also may order restitution be paid to patients affected by the physician's misconduct or other actions for which he is disciplined.

A dissatisfied patient has the right to file a formal complaint against her physician with the state medical board, according to Real Simple. The medical board reviews allegations against physicians and conducts investigations.