How Do You Connect With Rockwell Employees?

You can connect with Rockwell Collins' social media employees through the company's extensive social media network or with representatives of different divisions through the company website's Key Contacts list. If you are a customer, you have additional connection options through Rockwell Collins' Customer Resources page.

Rockwell Collins' Social Media page has links to the company's official Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. It also features a link to a Youtube page with company videos. Company employees run the various accounts to provide news and information to customers and the general public, who can contribute through comments and discussion boards.

A Customer Resources page provides for connections between customers and the company through Instructor Led Training and access to the repair status of Rockwell Collins' products. Click on these resource links for more information and to sign-up for an account.

You can also find a list of company contacts on the right side of the Customer Resources page. There are five contact categories under the Key Contacts heading, including the Corporate, Business Aviation, Commercial Transport, Government and Military, and Service and Support categories. You can also click on the All Contacts link for a complete list. Alternatively, click on the relevant heading to obtain the names of individual employees within a division and their contact information.