What Are Some Conference Room Design Tips?


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The design of an ideal conference room should take into consideration the maximum seating capacity and the organization’s image. Lighting design for video conferences should enhance audio and video quality, while the conference room should integrate presentation tools in its design to ensure efficiency.

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Create a user-friendly conference room by determining its maximum seating capacity. The conference room must offer ample space for attendees by spacing out the seats and distancing the conference table from the walls. The design elements that an organization chooses should ensure comfortable use of the conference room and portray a positive image of the firm to outsiders. Tastefully designed furniture complements the décor of the conference room and offers a striking appeal to visitors.

The lighting design of a conference room that holds video conferences should incorporate blinds to darken the room and the use of diffuse fluorescent bulbs to minimize shadows. The area around the camera should be clutter-free to ensure high video quality, while ceilings and walls should have sound-absorbing materials to enhance audio quality. V-shaped tables are ideal for such rooms because they ensure visibility of all participants.

To ensure efficiency, the design should consider the tools typically used in meetings such as printers, audiovisual screens and white boards. Including fixtures such as built-in cabinets for out-of-sight storage and other amenities allows convenient access to refreshments during meetings.

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