How Do You Conduct a Job Interview?

How Do You Conduct a Job Interview?

An effective job interview is conducted in a way that determines whether a candidate is suitable for the tasks of the job as well at the company's standards. The interviewer should prepare ahead of time to determine an agenda for the interview as well as questions that will reveal the candidate's strengths and weaknesses.

A brief introduction by the interviewer and an explanation of the company or organization and position in detail is generally a good way to start the discussion.

Questions should focus on key areas that will give the interviewer the best possible snapshot of the candidate's abilities. Discussion of each topic should begin with an open-ended question, and then gradually hone in to specific details. By asking open-ended questions, it leaves the candidate to frame the response which in itself is revealing of attitudes and values.

  • Fact finding - ask about the candidate's prior experience, education and other credentials and specific skills.
  • Behavioral questions - ask the candidate questions such as, "What would you/did you do in a specific situation?" Many interviewers also include questions regarding how the candidate see themselves contributing to the company such as, "What can you do for us that no one else can?"
  • Problem solving and creativity - ask the candidate how they would respond to specific scenarios or broader questions about the industry and how they see it developing over the next 5 years.
  • Their goals - ask the candidate how they see their career unfolding.

A good interview puts the candidate at ease while producing relevant responses that will help determine their suitability for the job.