How Do You Conduct a Face-to-Face Employee Evaluation Review?

How Do You Conduct a Face-to-Face Employee Evaluation Review?

When conducting a face-to-face employee evaluation review, there are several personnel reports to have on hand which are helpful in preparing for the meeting. Reports may include a copy of the employee's performance plan, notes of any previous meetings, a list of the employee's projects, notes of feedback from other employees or customers and a copy of the appraisal form.

Understanding how an employee's job performance will be measured and which parts of the performance are the most critical and which are not as critical to the job is important when conducting an employee review.

When reviewing the evaluation with the employee, include questions in the appraisal such as:

  1. Are the duties the employee is performing the same or have they changed?
  2. Are there new tasks that were not part of the employee's original job description? If so, what are they?
  3. How has the employee performed assigned tasks?
  4. Has the employee met certain goals?
  5. Has performance improved since the last evaluation?
  6. Are there certain areas that need improvement? If so, what are they?
  7. Review areas where the employee may wish to enhance skills and competencies such as classroom or online training. Are there conferences the employee may attend?

Once the evaluation meeting is scheduled, be sure to allow enough time to conduct the entire session fully without interruption.