What Are the Conditions to Get a Bluebird Prepaid Card?

The conditions for obtaining a Bluebird prepaid debit card include having a valid Social Security number, being at least 18 years of age and being a legal resident of the United States. Customers must also register with the company, either online or through its mobile app, as of 2015.

Bluebird offers customers a no-contract financial management account that does not require a credit check or minimum balance to open. Its main requirements for opening an account focus on the customer being legally able to make her own financial decisions. If a customer meets the basic requirements, she needs to create an account on Bluebird.com and provide her personal information for verification by the company. Once Bluebird approves her, she receives a permanent debit card in the mail and the ability to deposit and withdraw funds.

It is also possible for customers to obtain a debit card by purchasing a Bluebird Account Set Up Kit from a participating Walmart store and registering the temporary card through the Bluebird website. The kit includes a temporary card that offers a limited set of features, such as lower account balance thresholds, until the customer registers the card with the Bluebird website or mobile app. Once the customer receives the permanent card in the mail, she may use it at qualifying merchants and ATMs. Individual customers may also link other cards to the account to create a family financial network.