What Is a Concession Manager in Retail?

concession-manager-retail Credit: images by Tang Ming Tung/Moment/Getty Images

In the UK, a concession manager in the fashion retail industry is a person who oversees the goods, or “concession,” within a retail store or retail sales environment. Goods can include fashions for men, women and children, as well as fashion accessories, lingerie and footwear.

The job duties of a retail concession manager include recruiting, training and coaching retail sales associates. Concession managers are experts in customer service, product knowledge, selling techniques and brand awareness, and they help their team to develop these skills as well. Concession managers also help drive sales by creating and implementing promotions.

In the U.S., the title of "concession manager" is more likely to apply to a person who oversees the sale of food and drink at a concession area or stand, such at a sports stadium or amusement park.