What Is the Concept and Scope of Marketing?

concept-scope-marketing Credit: Phil Cardamone/E+/Getty Images

The concept of marketing is for a company to find a way to present the goods or services it needs to sell to a targeted audience for whom those goods or services meet a crucial need. Successful marketing is both relevant and appealing to those who stand the best chance at buying a product.

Marketing can be broken down into two major subtypes, including inbound and outbound marketing. Mashable describes outbound marketing as any marketing attempt that uses traditional methods of getting a product into the public eye, such as billboards, newspaper and radio ads or television spots. Inbound marketing is more organic and requires the production of content that is highly relevant to a targeted audience. The scope of a company's marketing efforts depends almost entirely on which type of marketing campaign is chosen.

Outbound marketing is larger in scope since it tends to reach a broader audience, but inbound marketing reaches a smaller, yet more targeted, audience. Forbes describes a growing trend in which businesses are making marketing a priority and integrating marketing strategies into every aspect of business rather than limiting it to a single department. As marketers embrace new technologies and social media platform, the scope of marketing continues to broaden in every industry.