What Is the Concept of a Born Leader?


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The concept of a born leader is one that adheres to the philosophy that some people are born with traits that make them more likely to assume leadership roles in society. Scientific American reports that a study conducted on fish shows some fish demonstrate natural leadership while others are more comfortable following a leader, which is behavior that mimics humans. Research on humans shows that leadership traits are one-third natural and two-thirds acquired from life experiences, according to Psychology Today.

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People who are naturally extroverted are more likely to fill leadership roles than introverts, according to research studies. Extroverted leaders display traits of boldness and risk taking often associated with good leadership. Introverts are capable of developing leadership skills by utilizing self-development tools. Since leaders are mostly made, and can't rely solely on natural personality traits, anyone can rise to a leadership role by taking on more responsibility and demonstrating a passion for getting things done, says Psychology Today.

In the workplace, leaders must be flexible and open to change, because change is what keeps companies competitive. Good leadership isn't about bossing others around, but acting in accordance with high personal and professional standards. Leaders foster good working relationships among groups and share decision-making responsibilities within an organization, and are generous about sharing expertise with others and they readily respond to others when help is requested.

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