What Are Some Computer-Related Questions Asked During Job Interviews?

Many job interviewers ask computer-related questions, such as what computer skills the interviewees have and which computer programs they proficiently use. Hiring managers in computer-related professions, such as computer engineering and software programming, ask more difficult questions to gauge the candidates' technical knowledge.

Depending on the responsibilities of the position, hiring managers may ask for basic computer skills. These include proficiency in productivity software, such as word processor, spreadsheet and presentation software. Some jobs may require familiarity with graphic design, email, networking, system administration and other computer skills. In addition to mentioning learned skills, interview candidates may reveal their aptitude for learning new computer skills and programs.

In job interviews for computer-related positions, hiring managers may ask specific, technical questions. For instance, they may request candidates applying for security analyst jobs to discuss current security issues, define what a database is or write a sample source code. In return, the candidates may ask their own questions during the interview. He may ask, for instance, how the company handles hardware design or what its methodologies are on software development. Knowing the company's principles and policies not only shows interest in the position being hired for, but also helps establish a successful work synergy between the interview candidate and the company.