What Are Some Computer Phone Dialers?


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Computer phone dialers are offered as free or low-cost services through Google Talk, Skype and other third-party software services. The broad group of technologies used in computer phone dialers are called Voice Over Internet Provider and stand in contrast to the traditional use of the Public Switched Telephone Network.

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Many VoIP providers such as Skype have built closed networks for private users, which offer the potential to call outside telephone numbers for a fee. Other services such as Google Talk allow free calls to telephone numbers and more open communication contingent on the registration of a Google account. Dialers are available on smart phones, computers, tablets and public Internet workstations; SMS text-messaging is another example of a VoIP technology.

Additional stand-alone phone dialers are available for download from Download.com. Many services are free and highly reviewed. For the hearing impaired, Sprint offers an Internet Protocol - relay service. The service involves an operator reading messages that are first typed from the disabled caller and transcribing the response messages back in a chat room format.

The first VoIP services were developed in conjunction with ARPANET in the early 1970s, but they did not become popular consumer technologies until some time after 2000.

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