What Are Some Computer Jobs You Can Do From Home?

What Are Some Computer Jobs You Can Do From Home?

Computer jobs that can be done from home include freelance writing, medical transcription, virtual assistant, online tutoring, telemarketing, data entry jobs, technical support executive, blogging, editing and customer service jobs. These jobs require a computer and a good Internet connection to get started. Many online jobs require good computer skills.

Freelance writers with good writing skills can earn money writing for websites, blogs and online magazines. Content generation is fast becoming a necessity in the online marketplace and represents an opportunity for skilled writers.

Telemarketing jobs require good marketing skills and an ability to sell products to potential customers through phone conversations and online chats. These jobs are appropriate for people who enjoy selling.

A medical transcription job requires special skills as it involves the conversion of voice recordings from healthcare professionals into text documents. Some amount of knowledge pertaining to drugs and the healthcare profession can be of immense help with these jobs.

Data entry jobs can be tedious, but many private companies require data entry done, and they are willing to pay for it. Other jobs that can be done from home include positions such as online reseller, document translator, answering-service employee, interview transcriber and beauty product seller.