Which Computer Companies Have Free Laptop Offers?


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Computer companies that offer free laptops in an attempt to boost sales include Apple, Dell, Sony and Samsung. Promotional giveaways are designed to spread the word about a company or its product, and to encourage people to frequent company stores or websites, as stated by Broadband Choices.

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The MacBook, Dell Adamo and Sony Vaio are the most popular laptop brands that can be received for free. Customers are required to scout for chances to get free laptops either online or in the nearest company store. With little research, there are a number of great laptop offers making it difficult sometimes to know which are the best.

While many of these deals often involve enrolling for a service or participating in a specific program, the chance to get an actual laptop makes this worthwhile. For a free Dell, for example, the amount of registration and qualification tasks that a user will need to complete is sometimes a bit labor intensive but the item offered for free is equally valuable.

When choosing between free laptops, if a Mac will do everything desired, then a Mac is the one to purchase. Macs are easier to set up, easier to use, and install software more easily. Free laptops will most likely come with the latest version of Windows already installed.

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