What Is a Comprehensive Resume Sample?

comprehensive-resume-sample Credit: Ivan Solis/E+/Getty Images

A comprehensive resume sample is a template that shows what kind of information should be included in a comprehensive resume and how the information should be ordered. A comprehensive resume is much longer and far more detailed than a traditional resume, so it is best to only use a comprehensive resume when an employer requests one.

The beginning of a comprehensive resume is much like a traditional resume. List personal details and contact information at the top of the page. Next, instead of writing an objective statement, you must write a paragraph that summarizes employment history, personal achievements and skills. This paragraph should be very similar to a cover letter.

Next, fill out employment history in chronological order. Each entry needs to include start and end dates, detailed information about the requirements of the position and all job duties that were assigned. For promotions, add a new entry with a new set of information.

The next section should be a comprehensive list of skills and abilities. Include as much information as possible, but keep to skills that are relevant to the position. Below the skills section, provide information on awards, certifications and achievements in chronological order. Listing affiliations with professional organizations can be included in this section if it is relevant to the position. Below this information, list all educational experience. Include dates, degree titles and the name of the school. Also, list any on-the-job training that has been completed.