What Does Comprehensive Insurance Cover?


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Comprehensive insurance covers things like damage from falling objects, vandalism, fire and damage from severe weather or natural disasters. It is designed to cover damages incurred to the insured vehicle from some, but not all, things other than a car accident or collision.

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There is a common misconception among many vehicle owners that comprehensive insurance covers everything other than collision damage. This is not the case. While it does cover a variety of loss and damage, there are some things that are not included under the umbrella of comprehensive insurance. These include:

  • towing cost
  • rental car
  • personal property, such as items stolen if a person's car is broken into

Collision coverage pays for damages sustained by a vehicle resulting from an accident or collision with another vehicle. Quite often, the insurance of the at-fault party pays for the damage sustained by both vehicles. Comprehensive insurance pays for other types of damage. For example, if the windshield gets broken during a hailstorm, this is reimbursed under the comprehensive insurance part of the policy. It is important to keep in mind that each insurance policy is different and, therefore, the items covered by comprehensive insurance may not be the same with each insurance company. One should read his or her insurance policy carefully to determine the specific coverage and limitations.

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