What Is Comprehensive General Liability Insurance?

The term "comprehensive general liability insurance" refers to a type of business insurance that protects companies from liability claims related to their business activities. Comprehensive general liability is usually suitable for medium and large companies in the servicing, manufacturing and processing fields.

Comprehensive general liability provides coverage against all liability exposures that are not specifically excluded. Some of the common types of protection offered by this broad policy are related to product coverage, independent contractors coverage and completed operations coverage. In most cases, comprehensive liability insurance does not cover vehicle reliability.

Product coverage provides protection in case of a liability suit brought against a company because the use of their product resulted in property damage or bodily injury. When a defect in a completed product of the insured company results in property damage or bodily injury, the business is protected by completed operations coverage.

The independent contractor coverage is useful in case an independent contractor employed by the insured business gets injured because of a negligent act of the company. Comprehensive general liability insurance also offers elevator coverage for cases in which one or more individuals get injured while using an elevator or escalator located on the premises of the business.