How Do You Compose a Membership List?


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Compose a membership list by collecting all of the relevant information about the memberships to which you or your company belongs, then entering the details into a word processing or spreadsheet program. Each allows you organize information according to important details, such as the names of associations or dues.

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There are many different business organizations that operate on a membership basis, which means that individuals or groups must pay a monthly or annual fee to be a part of the group. It is helpful for a company of any size to create a list of such organizations relevant to its field to keep track of details, such as paying the dues on time, the benefits associated with the membership, and the websites of the organization to allow all employees to make the best use possible of the programs. The first step to compiling such a list is to make a simple document that contains the names of all organizations with which you or your company has a membership along with a website or contact person.

A word processing program allows you to make cells to standardize the information while also writing free form text on the same document. A spreadsheet does not support free text but does allow you to sort the list according to alphabetical or numerical information within the cells.

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