How Do You Compose a List of Employee Goals?


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One of the best ways to make employees fully aware of what is expected of them is to use a system known as SMART goals. The acronym is taken from the five qualities the set of goals should possess. They should be specific, measurable, agreed-upon, realistic and time-circumscribed.

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  1. Review the employee's job description

    First, review the employee's job description to make sure it is relevant to the company's goals. If the description needs to be revised, speak to the employee and the employee's immediate supervisor.

  2. Compile a list of expectations and duties

    Create a list of expectations and duties based on the employee's job description, and divide the list into two sections. The first section should contain those responsibilities that can be measured by numbers, or with a yes or no response. The second section should contain those responsibilities that cannot be fully measured through quantifiable means, such as customer satisfaction.

  3. Use the first section to write SMART goals

    Define each goal on your list by making sure that the explanation contains all the elements mentioned above. Be detailed and specific, and educate the employee on how performance is measured. Make sure that the employee understands the performance measurement scale and what is expected of them.

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