What Components Should Be Included in a Reference Letter From a Landlord?


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An important component of a reference letter from a landlord is a statement concerning whether the tenant was in good standing or not. The letter also includes information about the tenant's rental history.

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The letter begins with a statement that the purpose of the letter is provide reference and payment verification for the tenant. The tenant's legal name and the landlord's full name and address are included in the first paragraph. The next section lists the tenant's rental history dates as well as any times the tenant renewed the lease. If the tenant is still an active renter, the final dates are the date of the last lease renewal through "present."

The next section details the rent amount per month. This section is the appropriate place to mention the consistency of the tenant's payments. Another section of the letter states whether the tenant was quiet, clean and compliant with the landlord or leasing company. If the tenant has a pet, the landlord can include any information concerning the pet's behavior, such as whether it is well-behaved, quiet and low-maintenance.

The end of the letter states whether the tenant is eligible to continue to rent with the landlord and why or why not. The last sentence or paragraph includes the name of the leasing company or landlord and all contact information. Following that, a signature line and the letter's date are added.

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