What Are the Components of a Proper Employee Evaluation?


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A proper employee review should include a clear process with standards that are objective and applied equally to all employees. The appraisal should consist of a review that considers interim ratings, which means nothing in the appraisal should be a surprise. Finally, the appraisal should develop employees.

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Employers should create a process for performance appraisal that is as clear as possible. This transparency abates anxiety, helping employees achieve their fullest potential in an atmosphere free of stress. The forms that a supervisor plans to use should be available to the employees to review so they are aware of the standards they have to meet.

The performance standards should apply to all employees. When objective standards are in place, they keep matters fair for all employees. When standards are objective, they keep management from using impressions from earlier appraisals, instead applying the relevant standards from year to year.

As a review, the appraisal must serve to develop employees. Over time, employees should be able to use their appraisals to build a track record of positive changes. The review should not be a time to criticize the employee. Rather, the review should focus on the employee's strengths and ways to increase the employee's contributions to the organization.

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