What Is a Compliance Analyst's Job Description?

A compliance analyst's job involves overseeing the operational activities of a company to ensure that the company is in the good graces of the government's regulations and laws specific to its particular field, notes Study.com. The job requires that the analyst document policies and procedures, identify areas of risk that need to be addressed and perform internal reviews of the systems used to conform with state and federal requirements.

Job titles of compliance analysts can vary and take the form of legal consultant, auditor, inspector and team leader. Other duties include training employees in relevant practices to maintain adherence to guidelines and filing mandated documents both within a company and with the appropriate institutions charged with overseeing the compliance of a company with the policies that are in place for an industry.

A compliance analyst typically is required to have a degree in accounting, management information systems or a relevant field to the industry employed with a focus on law, as stated by Compliance Crossing.

Other skills and areas of expertise required are in risk assessment and process improvement, as well as a high degree of communication and problem solving capacities. A senior level analyst is typically required to have 5 to 8 years experience in an auditing and internal compliance role.