How Do You Complete a Risk Assessment?

To conduct a risk assessment of company property, evaluate and define everything capable of harming or damaging property or persons, and put into action the proper steps to avoid these occurrences, as the Health and Safety Executive details. The law requires that all employers conduct this process, but those with fewer than five employees do not have to create a written record of the assessment.

The risk assessments are geared to discovering any risks that the employer is not addressing or has not addressed and mitigated in the past, as the Health and Safety Executive explains. Ideally, the assessment examines all areas and conditions closely to make informed speculations about accidents or ill health that can develop from preventable causes, and it prioritizes these by estimations of likeliness of occurrence and the amount of potential harm.

Risk assessments necessitate undertaking certain basic tasks, according to the Health and Safety Executive. The first step identifies hazards, which include any thing or situation that may lead to an event that causes harm, such as chemicals or a constantly open drawer. After this, the assessment defines who such hazards can harm. After evaluating the risks, risk assessors generate precautionary measures, and they should also document all actions taken during this process for future reference.