How Do You View a Complete List of NYSE Stocks?


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To view a complete list of the stocks on the New York Stock Exchange, you can access the directory on the NYSE's official website. The NYSE directory shows all of the shares in alphabetical order. You also have the option to view the list in the reverse order, from letters Z to A.

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You can also view the average daily volume of the stocks and one-month averages at the NYSE website. NYSE's list of stocks displays a style box to give you a visual of the type of stock you choose to view, such as large-cap stocks or small-cap stocks, and the style box also indicates whether the stock is profitable and has a high value. You can also search for the specific stock by entering the stock symbol in the search box or entering a keyword for the company within the directory, according to the NYSE website. You also have the option to sort how much volume the stock has to limit the list, and you can sort the stocks in the tabs on the page by the growth, market, profitability and valuation of the stock. The NYSE stock directory also shows each company's name and its ticker symbol on the index.

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