How Do You Complete IRS Form 8893?

IRS form 8893 is completed by having all partners in a small partnership consisting of 10 or fewer members sign the form and mail it to the correct processing office, according to the Internal Revenue Service. Form 8893 is used to inform the IRS that all partners in the small partnership wish to use the unified audit and litigation rules described in Section 6231(a)(1)(B)(ii) of the United States federal tax code

Form 8893 consists of a space for a small partnership's name, address, employer identification number and a number of signature lines for signed and dated signatures, according to the IRS. Preparation of the form is estimated to take approximately 25 minutes. All partners in the partnership must sign the form, not just partners who became partners at the end of the tax year, and it is permissible to attach a continuation form for additional signatures if this becomes necessary. Husbands and wives are generally considered a single partner, but should both individually sign the Form 8893 before submission to the IRS. Partners in a small partnership may also be C corporations, in which case any partner corporation should be named on the form and the appropriate corporate officers should sign the document.