How Do You Complete an FAFSA Application Form?


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Completing a FAFSA application involves getting an identification, gathering the necessary documents, providing personal information, listing past colleges attended, providing financial information and reporting parental or guardian information, according to Federal Student Aid. Assistance is available should applicants need help during the process.

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It's best that applicants get their FAFSA identifications before starting the application in order to expedite the process, notes Federal Student Aid. An ID is used to sign a FAFSA, access information and sign other loan contracts. Documents and information necessary to complete a FAFSA application include federal tax information/returns, a Social Security number or Alien Registration number, a driver's license number, and records of untaxed income. Applicants should also gather financial information regarding savings and checking account balances, stocks, bonds and investments.

An applicant is required to list at least one college to receive his FAFSA information, according to Federal Student Aid. The information is used to determine how much aid the applicant is eligible to receive. Schools can be listed in any order when applying for federal student aid, but schools may need to be listed in a particular order if the applicant is applying for state aid. Once a required school has been listed first, Federal Student Aid recommends listing subsequent schools in alphabetical order.

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