How Do You Complete an Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate?


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For 2015, fill out an employee's withholding allowance certificate by entering the proper allowance amounts for the employee in boxes A through G, and then calculating the total allowances. Enter the amount in box H, and fill out required employee information, says the Houston Chronicle. The employee signs the form and confirms the information entered.

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Write "1" in box A if the employee is a dependent of another taxpayer, says the Houston Chronicle. If the employee is: single and has only one job; married but the only household member making an income; or either he or his spouse has another job that pays less than $1500 a year, enter "1" in Box B. If the employee's spouse works or the employee has other jobs, leave box C blank. Otherwise, enter "1" in box C for the employee's spouse. In box D, enter the amount of dependents the employee plans to claim when filing for the tax year.

If the employee is a head of household with dependents, even if he is unmarried, enter a "1" in box E, instructs the Houston Chronicle. If the employee claims more than $1900 in tax credits, enter a "1" in Box F. Calculate the value in box "G" by adding "2" for each child the employee has if he earns less than $60,000 a year if he is single, and less than $90,000 if he is married. If he has more than three children, subtract one from the total in box G. Add up the total allowances and enter them in box H.

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