How Do You Complete Your EI Report?


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To complete an Employment Insurance Report, or EI Report, using the online platform, begin by logging in on the Service Canada homepage, and click on Complete your EI Report, explains the Government of Canada website. Next, fill out the fields asking for your Social Insurance Number, access code and province of residence. This bring up a blank EI Report for you to fill out.

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To avoid mistakes that could cause a delay in payment of benefits, it's a good idea to gather all of the necessary information before beginning the report, continues the Government of Canada website. This includes the Employment Insurance benefit statement, which you should receive in the mail, as well as information regarding employment, training or education courses, and work availability. To protect your data, the website recommends that you not leave the computer unattended during this process and always clear the browser history on completion.

Once the report has been completed, you should receive the due date for your next EI Report, according to the Government of Canada website. Generally, they are due every two weeks. If you are asked to call the Employment Insurance Telephone Reporting Service, this must be done before you can receive any benefits.

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