How Do You Complete a 1040X Amended Tax Form?


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You complete a 1040x amended form by transferring information from your original 1040 form to the 1040X form, explains About's William Perez. The most important part of the 1040x is the second page because this is where you explain to the IRS why you are making the amendments.

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You need to indicate the tax year for which you're making the amendment at the top of the form, explains Perez. A 1040X is a generic form that can be used for any tax year. If you need to revise more than one year's return, you need to submit separate 1040x forms for each year.

You need documentation for the IRS that demonstrates why you are making the changes to your original tax return, says Turbo Tax. This can be proof of payment for a new deduction you are claiming or an additional or amended W-2 because you have a change of income to report. If you attached schedules to your original tax return, you don't need to attach new ones unless the changes you are making require one of those schedules to also be amended. Most taxpayers must file their amended returns within three years from the date they filed the original returns.

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