What Are Some Complaints of LeafFilter Customers?


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Some complaints of LeafFilter customers include the constant need to clean the gutter, the lack of a method to control water overflow, pollen accumulation and dealing with shingle grit. Other complaints include failure to install the micro-filter, poor customer services and dirt build-up on the non-stick screen.

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Many customers complain about LeafFilter due to the frequent need to clean the gutter, which many customers view as an added maintenance cost. Most customers complain about the third-party contractors who come in to execute the installation, with many mentioning that they give the wrong information and mostly offer substandard services. Numerous customers express dissatisfaction regarding the LeafFilter design, with most mentioning that the gutters lack adequate capacity to handle overflow water.

Most customers are displeased with the need to attend to the pine needle and the shingle grit, with many expressing their concern to such added costs despite the false assertion that the product has no maintenance costs. Many customers complain about pollen accumulation at the gutter corners, stating that it causes poor flow of water. Numerous customers complain about the failure to install the micro-filter during the initial production.

Some customers complain about the inadequate customer services. Many customers state that the patented non-stick screen is subjected to leaf build-up if frequent cleaning is not done. Most customers complain about the difference between the product demonstrated to them and what is later fitted on their roofs.

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