What Are Some Complaints About the Boston Medical Group?


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Complaints about Boston Medical Group revolve around the business's hugely inflated costs, unnecessary procedures, and permanent damage such procedures cause, reports the Seattle Times. The business uses heavy advertising and pushes penile injections to induce erections rather than using common drugs, such as Viagra or Cialis.

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Boston Medical Group has faced multiple lawsuits regarding its practices in the past, generally from patients who suffered permanent damage from penile injections, states LawyersandSettlements.com. The clinic often uses a drug called papaverine for penile injections, which the Federal Drug Administration recommends against using in favor of orally-taken pills as of 2015.

Additionally, doctors at the Boston Medical Group often claim that using their injections eventually cures erectile dysfunction, states the Seattle Times; however, there is no scientific evidence that continued injections ever restore function. Doctors also receive bonuses for every sale of injection drugs, for which the Boston Medical Group charged $1,500 for 60 doses in 2011. Other competitors charged as little as $2.80 per dose during the same period.

Past patients complained of a lack of information regarding the risks when using Boston Medical Group injections, while the company played up the risks of using orally administered pills, explains the Seattle Times and Los Angeles Times. Dr. Quoc “Daniel” Ha founded the company in 1998 to take advantage of increased awareness of erectile dysfunction, following the introduction of Viagra.

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