What Are Some of the Complaints Against Amen Clinics?


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Some of the complaints against Amen Clinics refer to poor customer service. Many reviewers on Yelp also complain about the expensive nature of the services offered and inconclusive results that are not helpful to the patient.

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There are numerous complaints about the high costs of Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography scans, which are the main focus at Amen Clinics. Several people complain that each scan costs $3,500, which has to be paid in advance. Additionally, several reviewers complain that even after paying the initial cost of the scan, patients have to pay an extra $350 per hour to see a doctor.

There are a number of complaints about the poor follow-up services offered by Amen Clinics. Several reviewers mention having called more than five times, with no one calling them back to schedule an appointment. Many of the reviewers say that this makes it difficult for them to have continuity of care.

There are several complaints that the Amen Clinics do not offer any new information on the emotional and mental problems experienced by patients. Many say that this renders the visits to the clinics useless, causing patients to waste time and money. Others complain that the clinics give patients false hopes to ensure that they keep coming back.

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