How Do You Compile an Interior Design Portfolio?


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Compile an interior design portfolio by adding a resume, writing a statement of vision, including photos and designs that illustrate your vision and compiling everything into a professionally-bound portfolio. The length of this project varies per person. This project requires a computer, printer, paper, photos and publishing software.

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  1. Add a resume

    Begin the portfolio by adding a resume. This resume needs to include anything you have done related to interior design, such as schooling, jobs and certifications.

  2. Write a statement of vision

    Write a statement of vision, which defines your ideas as a designer, your passions and strengths, as well as that special thing you bring to the field. Be succinct and precise, keeping your statement to a page in length.

  3. Include designs in the portfolio

    Add designs and sketches that illustrate your ideas, and include photos of your past projects. These pictures need to show your grasp of basic interior design concepts, but they can also showcase new ideas. Include only your best work, but be careful to include a wide variety of ideas. Make sure to carefully organize the pictures, and place a table of contents at the beginning.

  4. Compile the portfolio

    Compile the portfolio into one book. Use publishing software to give it a professional look.

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