How Do You Compile a Business Address List?

How Do You Compile a Business Address List?

To compile a business address list for mailing or emailing purposes, create a spreadsheet populated with relevant, complete and up-to-date potential or existing customer details. Correct and thorough planning of the client list provides a time-saving and cost-effective working system.

The chart should be completed with quality, relevant and updated information that is regularly maintained to ensure an efficient, workable tool.

To obtain contact details for potential new clients, it is possible to add an email capture box to your website to gather information for your address list. Instead of doing this manually, computer software is available that stores and transfers emails in a spreadsheet format.

Another way of adding to your list of contacts is to canvas relevant business people at events or meetings and invite them to add their details to a sign-up list in exchange for a free gift or offer. Alternatively research companies in the desired locations in order to identify potential new customers, and use their corporate websites to identify the ideal point of contact. Add the person's details to your business list for further use.

It is essential to maintain the constructed list by updating information regularly and ensuring that contacts are still interested in your products or services. Mail companies provide services that ensure precise, daily updates for addresses, which safeguards against incorrectly addressed parcels and letters that cause costly returns, delays and customer complaints.

Using a computerized spreadsheet enables the details to be mail-merged automatically to create personalized letters, envelopes and labels. Not only does this save time, but it ensures accuracy and standardized presentation.