What Is a Competency Assessment Used For?


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Organizations use competency assessments to select the right candidates for a job, make workforce plans, and manage employee development initiatives. Individuals can use these assessments to identify strengths and weaknesses and foster continuous improvement in their careers.

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Competency assessments enable organizations to identify the necessary skills, knowledge and abilities required for strong workplace performance. The assessments inform curriculum development decisions for leadership training programs, ensuring that these programs are goal-oriented and productive. Organizations can use assessment results to focus training and development plans to address missing competencies and skills by creating customized workshops, seminars and coaching sessions for individuals or groups within the organization.

Competency assessments provide insights that lead to identification of an employee's preferred industry, role or work style. They improve an employee's capability for promotion and long-term career growth through clarifying skills and knowledge required and identifying levels of proficiency for the top jobs. The assessments improve workplace communication through establishing a channel for management to provide employees with constructive feedback at scheduled training and performance intervals.

Employees can use competency assessments to measure their progress and skill growth over time and pinpoint exact areas where they need further development, thus increasing the potential for job satisfaction and learning new job skills.

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