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Odyssey is a web-based prescriptive software educational tool designed by Compass Learning, an Austin, Texas company, that can be used in elementary and secondary schools. The software uses its reporting tools and formative assessments to help educators make decisions regarding students' individual learning paths. The Odyssey program is aligned with state and core competency standards, as noted on the Compass Learning website.

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The Odyssey program can be configured by educators to present students with a variety of learning formats that include credit and grade recovery, supplementary assignments, targeted exercises, test preparation and remedial work. The software can also be used as a diagnostic, or prescriptive, tool that can assess how well students are aligned with Common Core or regional state standards. The program can determine students' strengths and the areas in which improvement is needed. More than 30 different types of assessment reports can be generated. Educators can issue students' parents a password so that they can keep track of their children's progress online.

Based on the program's assessment, Odyssey suggests an individualized learning path for each student. Educators can then further customize the software's recommended path. They can also incorporate their own instructional materials into the program by importing them in a variety of file formats, such as Adobe Acrobat PDF or Microsoft PowerPoint PPT, as reported in a product review published on EdSurge.

Compass Learning's Odyssey program is an example of the blended learning approach to education, which has become a formalized teaching method in many schools. Blended learning makes use of student-paced and educator-guided digital content delivery in conjunction with traditional face-to-face teaching methods.

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