How Do You Compare Weekly Supermarket Ads to Get the Best Deal?


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Compare weekly supermarket ads by creating a shopping list and then finding the items on each market's ad. Write down the advertised price for those items found, making sure that the product quantity offered is the same from each store. Subtract any coupons you possess for further savings.

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The best way to determine the value of a grocery product is to go by the price per ounce. Many ads display the price per ounce within the supermarket sheet, but when there is no price per ounce shown, a bit of math is required. Find the total quantity of the item in ounces and divide the price by this number. This is especially useful when comparing prices across brands where the product may be packaged differently. The lower price per ounce is the best item to purchase if going by price alone.

Some supermarket ads show multiple prices for the same item. One price is for every shopper, while the second price may be for those who belong to special VIP clubs at that particular store. The VIP clubs often offer additional savings over the normal sales price. Most VIP clubs are free to join at the supermarket and savings are typically applied right after joining. When comparing ads for supermarkets that offer VIP services, use the VIP prices for your comparisons.

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