How Do You Compare Vanguard Mutual Funds?


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In the comparison tool Vanguard provides on its website, select the Mutual fund radio button in the first column and Vanguard from the drop-down menu in the second column to compare any mutual fund in the Vanguard group with any other, explains Vanguard. You can also compare among funds of groups other than Vanguard.

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The tool lets you select up to five funds at a time and compare them. When you select Mutual fund and Vanguard in the first three rows, the tool automatically populates the fourth row with Vanguard mutual funds. For each of the ones you want to compare, select them on different rows and click on the Compare button, states Vanguard.

The tool then shows the comparison results on the next page with columns corresponding to the funds you chose. If your choice of funds belong to different categories, there is a warning at the top that the comparison results may not be complete or accurate. You can refine your comparison based on the category listed in the overview section, according to Vanguard.

There are sections showing performances and total returns over various periods. The section on fees and minimums compares loads and commissions and the minimum amounts of purchase in various accounts, notes Vanguard.

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