How Do You Compare Property Taxes by County?


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Residential or commercial taxes levied at a county level may be compared using data from tax research organizations such as the Tax Foundation, reports William Baldwin for Forbes. Tax information for all counties in the United States is also available at the local county treasurer's office, according to the Tax Policy Center.

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U.S. property tax rates are usually assessed at or below 1 percent of the property value and on an estimation of $1,000 per homeowner, explains the Tax Policy Center. However, the actual tax paid may vary from county to county based on demographic and financial factors. Special groups such as disabled people, senior citizens and veterans may qualify for tax exemptions, resulting in a significant variance between property taxes within and between counties, notes Dona DeZube for the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS.

In 2013, the median property tax across all counties in the United States was $2,132 with counties in New York and New Jersey levying the highest taxes in the nation, states Baldwin and real estate marketplace Zillow. Some counties may also have higher property taxes to meet government revenue targets. These tax rates may vary based on the tax base for each property, and property taxes may be raised to compensate for the lack of income from other sources such as income tax, reports CNNMoney.

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