How Do You Compare Prices at Wal-Mart With Prices at Other Stores?


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To compare prices at Wal-Mart to prices at other stores, the SavingsDashboard website hosted by Wal-Mart would be an appropriate place to start. A third party phone application, such as RedLaser, allows users to scan barcodes and find all the prices of it online and in retail stores, according to the RedLaser application website.

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The SavingsDashboard is an efficient tool to use when comparing the prices of bought items from Wal-Mart to other stores in the area. It allows the consumer to type a receipt number in and then Wal-Mart makes sure the prices are the lowest found on the web. If not, Wal-Mart will gift an eGift Card, according to the SavingsDashboard website. This is an easy option if a consumer shops at Wal-Mart regularly and wants to double check that these are the lowest prices possible.

RedLaser, a third party phone application, is available for download on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. It recognizes where the consumer is and what stores surround the local area. This is useful to compare prices in stores that the consumer would be able to travel to, if wanting to purchase in person. The application allows a user to search for items and compares the prices in retail and online venues. This allows the user to figure out if Wal-Mart has the best prices while standing in the store or browsing online.

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